Many of my earliest memories are of baking with my mother. My most favorite early memories are of helping decorate the sugar cookies for the cookie platters my brothers and I would deliver to the neighbors for Christmas gifts.

My mother was raised on a farm, and the importance of food and working together as a family was instilled in us by both of our parents at a very early age. Just the thought or smell of certain cookies and quick breads brings me back to those fond childhood memories instantly. After baking together for more than 25 years in the home kitchen, we began Gracie Mae’s Kitchen, LLC in early 2008.

Our plans then were to sell cookies wholesale and on the internet, but a new bakery business grows slowly when the customers can’t come to you, and the sales are mostly wholesale. When we were invited to participate in a once monthly small farmers market, we jumped at the chance. We often share with new employees the story of the very first time we made pies, and it took us 8 hours to make a dozen fruit pies, making everything from scratch, as we still do today.

We’ve grown a lot since that first year, making more than a hundred pies on our busiest days, in addition to coffeecakes and other treats. Keep on the lookout for new and exciting things from Gracie Mae’s Kitchen, as we strive to make you happy with memories of wonderful food.